Mexican Music: Prehispanic


CD Jewel-Box (PMCD-010) - PARAMUSICA

Mexican Pre-Hispanic Rites by renowned Mexican artist Jorge Reyes.
Using authentic pre-Columbian instruments along with modern synthesizers, Reyes creates an extraordinary mystic experience for the listener.
Rare album, one copy on stock.

1.  Web Of Dreams 3:19
2.  Sazilakab 4:53
3.  The People With Painted Faces 2:08
4.  On The Way To Tlalocan 3:11
5.  Stone Music 1:16
6.  Dance 3:47
7.  The New Fire 2:45
8.  The Nine Directions 3:13
9.  Journey To Mictlan 2:19
10.  Wood Music 1:12
11A.  The Flight Of The Bird Children 6:05
11B.  The Goddess Of The Eagles 3:10

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