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We stock the special Silver Vinyl version - Limited to 100 copies.

After three sold-out and sought-after cassette-only releases, Hospital Productions presents Eurekaphilia, the first full-length LP from LAUREATE, one of the most unique producers in contemporary underground electronics.
Accelerating the cavernous industrial rhyme of the first cassette and melding the long-form ambience of later releases, Eurekaphilia shreds all past research and revisits itself under peer-review publishing a new "violent science."
The listener is forced through time-stretched erotic madness through the microscope of quantum morality and armchair infinity.
Odd and uncomfortable dark matter and strands of hopeless stimulation crash together in disruptive electro revolts.
Like falling down a chrome track of glass rails in a cart made of rubber with vibrant full-spectrum exploding clouds of fatal chemicals only to be picked up in infancy again and dropped through the bows of electronic acceptance speeches from deceased discoverers.
An unapologetic scrutinisation of harsh electro meets harsh noise meets harsh science meets harsh light.

A1  Time Dilation
A2  Métier
A3  Tireless Efforts Go Unpunished
A4  Parenthetical (Minded)
B1  Stolen From Under
B2  Post Traumatic Embitterment
B3  Accretion Viscosity
B4  Eurekaphilia

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