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CD Folder (DC 042) - DIVINE COMEDY

The music of Foundation Hope creates pieces of dramatic's film music.
The one that just reach you "au plus profond des méandres de l'inconscient".
The band is influenced by ambient-acts like Raison D’être, Lustmord, or Robert Rich ... Intense and radical with a very 80's feeling r....
Presenting landscapes illustrated by choirs, echoing & heavy menacing atmospheres.
Sad and bleak soundscapes from a depraved religious institute pretending to give comfort and holy light ...

Tracklist :
1 Gelatenheid 8:52
2 Seul Contre Tous 5:32
3 Let Us Sleep 6:05
4 Void Aesthetics 5:04
5 Sympathy Entropy 7:17
6 Tiny Black Needles 5:53
7 Nowhere Melodies 6:10
8 To All Our Empty Fields 6:39

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