Le Paradis des Chasseurs


CD Digipack (TW 1.47) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

Reedition into CD of two very limited mini CDr releases, the album contains material from "Songs For Hunters” and "Paradise Inverted” two works that embody Horologium’s most bombastic recordings to date.
Additional bonus track was recorded with a wonderful assistance from Juan A. of Der Arbeiter.

1 Following Artemis Victorious (5:27)
2 Faustus (5:56)
3 Heaven Despised (5:17)
4 Towards The First Circle (4:30)
5 The Great Hunting (3:32)
6 Untitled (4:15)
7 The Chase (5:57)
8 The Contest Never Ends (2:20)
9 De Cacería En El Paraíso (4:45)

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