Le Conseguenze Del Nostro Inesorabile Declino


CD Digipak ([antpk.16]) - ANTIPATIK RECORDS

Limited Edition 100 copies

UNCODIFIED is the Italian noise-experimental project created by Corrado Altieri.
“Le Conseguenze Del Nostro Inesorabile Declino” is a merciless analysis about decay of contemporary world and society, controlled always more by powerful lobbies and occult finance systems.
Eight tracks based on cold atmospheres, concrete sounds, analog violence, pure industrial wreckage, abrasive inserts, radical noise and full frontal power-electronics.
Mastering by Simon Balestrazzi (TAC)
Artwork/images by Marco Deplano (WERTHAM / CALIGULA031)
Limited to only 100 copies.

1 Hidden Network 2:54
2 Antropocene 5:00
3 Tutto Quello Che Abbiamo Distrutto 4:46
4 Analfabetismo Funzionale 4:50
5 Schiavi Delle Piattaforme 4:48
6 Last Format 4:24
7 Panama Papers 4:42
8 La Soluzione Nelle Periferie Dimenticate 5:58

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