CD Digipak (SK156) - STEINKLANG

Limited Edition 150 copies

"Legacy" consists of tracks originally featured on various releases from 1995-2022, making this is a perfect introduction to the French project.
However, for the already-familiar, the tracks have been re-composed and re-orchestrated with great attention to quality and loyalty to the original spirit.
It also features two new, previously unreleased tracks, specially composed for this collection.
"Legacy" updates old classics with a powerful, clear sound, full of heroic bombast, martial drama and evocative orchestrations.
It is equal amounts neoclassical and martial industrial, epic and brooding, bellicose and dramatic.
Nuanced and detailed compositions exemplifying the skill and professionalism through which Regard Extrême have earned themselves a cult name.
Limited edition of 150 hand-numbered copies in a 6-panel digipak.

1   Trompe l'Œil 5:03
2   Utopia 5:19
3   Résurgence 4:26
4   Infortune 5:52
5   Die Weisse Rose 6:36
6   Eldorado 4:54
7   Sofia 5:14
8   Chevaliers Sous Protection 4:57

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