Nekropolis 81 Volume I-IV



Limited Edition 500 copies

Peter Frohmader aka Nekropolis is a German artist known for his distinct, dark, atmospheric electronic compositions as well as his extreme visual art projects, which have manifested in many exhibitions, films, multimedia events, and collaborations in the fields of art and music (including projects with H. R. Giger, Chris Karrer, and more).
In 1981, at the age of 23, Frohmader self-released his first LP, Musik aus dem Schattenreich.
At the same time he self-released a series of four tapes called Nekropolis '81, which are reissued as this comprehensive double LP.
Throughout the '80s and '90s Frohmader released many of his works on labels like Multimood, Hasch Platten, Auricle, Cuneiform Records, and Atonal Records, and contributed to cassette culture labels like Inkeys, Dark Star, and Necronomicon, while also releasing works on his own Nekropolis label...

24 untitled tracks.

This special edition includes:
§ Box
§ Double LP in gatefold jacket
§ 8 full color postcards
§ Certificate (we offer copy #206/500)
§ 12" insert
NB: Box is coming "without" originaly included T-Shirt

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