Onirio [2021 Extended Edition]

YASNAIA (Yasnaïa)

2xCD Digipak (ZOHAR 219-2) -

“Yasnaïa - Oniro” extended double CD reissue of 1996 classic previously released by World Serpent.
Leen Smets aka Yasnaia - vocalist of Hybryds project (until her departure in 2000) takes us on a great journey through many states of consciousness and dimensions.
Her haunting and hypnotising voice guides us through 10 tracks of the album.
Chants and incantations keep us captivated from very beginning to the very end.
Dark rites and ethereal psychedelia.
A sexual energy channeled in rhythm driven magical tribalism.

Exclusive to this release is a second CD containing live performance recorded at "Wolfsmond", München, Germany on 16th of August 1997 giving you a pretty good impression of how the whole ritual conducted by Yasnaia might sound and look like.
The CD ends with 3 tracks, two of which were previously released on 7” vinyls courtesy of Ant-Zen and Spectre (Nexus) and third has been unreleased - until now.
A great testimonial of '90s Art of industrial music.
Unparalleled and essential.
Comes in 6 panel digipack.

1-1  La Fusion d'Angoisse Et De Curiosite 10:45
1-2  One Thousand Angels Dancing On A Pin's Head 6:12
1-3  Enoema Elisj 4:46
1-4  Charun Eth Chara 8:06
1-5  Aizen Myoo 6:04
1-6  Orange in the Air 7:21
1-7  A Dream Unfinished 7:34
1-8  Kailash 5:49
1-9  Who Am I? 6:06
1-10  Ta-Tshenen 11:05

2-1  Intro 0:33
2-2  Oranten Eos 3:15
2-3  Last Night 6:18
2-4  Orange In The Air 7:00
2-5  Charun 6:24
2-6  One Thousand Angels 6:10
2-7  Nah-Shyh 4:32
2-8  Yakul 8:06
2-9  Cold Moon Over Black Waters 5:37
2-10  Tattwa 5:20
2-11  Untitled 17:26

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