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One of the seminal figures of industrial music, Genesis P-Orridge left his mark on modern music as a member of such influential outfits as Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. But despite his accomplishments (which also include P-Orridge possibly coining the phrase "acid house"), the producer/singer/multi-instrumentalist was at one point ostracized by England in the early '90s, when his apartment and recording studio were raided and robbed of their contents -- as he was falsely accused of satanism, leading a pagan cult, and "illegal" body modification. After moving to New York City, P-Orridge refused to play again in his former homeland, despite several invites. But by 1999, enough time had passed, and P-Orridge decided to round up the Psychic TV troops once more for a show at the renowned Royal Festival Hall. In addition to the group's heavily visual show (which includes a giant screen that shows electronic images in time to the music), this particular show turned out to be perhaps the most musically varied that the famed concert hall had ever seen, as such other acts as the Master Musicians of Joujouka, the Mysterians, Billy Childish and Thee Headcoats, Scanner, and the P-Orridge electronic/spoken word outfit, Thee Majesty, also offered sets. The DVD contains most of Psychic TV's set, with a single performance each by the aforementioned artists. Also featured on the DVD is the late author Quentin Crisp, who introduces each act via videotape, in addition to behind the scenes shots of the show's preparation. Also included as a bonus is an interview between P-Orridge and Crisp and clips of William S. Burroughs set to an industrial backup, as well as band biographies.

Russian edition.

Tracklist :
1 Psychic TV – She Touched Me
2 Psychic TV – Riot In The Eye Of The Sky
3 Psychic TV – Seduce Me
4 Psychic TV – Jigsaw
5 Psychic TV – I Like You
6 Psychic TV – Feet Of Broken Glass
7 Psychic TV – Godstar
8 Psychic TV – Play With Fire
9 Billy Childish & Thee Headcoats – Untitled
10 ? & The Mysterians – Untitled
11 Scanner – Untitled
12 Thee Majesty – Untitled
13 Master Musicians Of Jajouka – Untitled
14 Psychic TV – Cut Up Concert
15 Psychic TV – Godstar (Hyperdelic)
16 Psychic TV – Scared To Live Featuring – William S. Burroughs
17 Genesis P-Orridge – Casual Conversation With Quentin Crisp

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