Shouting at the Ground

ZOVIET FRANCE [:zoviet*france:]


Limited Edition 300 copies

That album was first released in 1988 as double Lp and CD, re-released 2 years later, finaly here it is coming again only as a double LP release.
"'Shouting at the Ground' showed a dramatic improvement in sound quality and production from [:zoviet*france:] earlier albums - all of which, by the way, are excellent in their own right. What we have here are an arsenal of hand made instruments, mostly stringed and percussive in nature, that are squashed through various delay and echo filter machines, creating an otherworldly, timeless and overwhelming creepy atmosphere.

Outside this website Zoviet France are classed as Industrial Ambient, where in later years they become more 'Drone' and electronic.
They use minimal tribal percussion for that they used to be most well known for.
Funny pipes are blown and all the while loops and indescribable drones rummage and grumble from ear to ear....
A lot of the instruments sound ethnic in nature and it's not until they're forced through various effect units that they lose any sense of definition.
A special project with special sounds.

A1 Smocking Erde
A2 Palace of Ignitions
A3 Come to the Edge
A4 Revenue of Fire
A5 Dybbuk

B1 Camino Real
B2 Stocc Blawers
B3 Fickle Whistle, Hand over your Ears
B4 Carole the Breedbate
B5 Marrch Dynamic
B6 Winf Thief

C1 Shamany Enfluence

D1 The Death of Trees

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