CD-R Jewel Box (XXX 01) - INNER-X-MUSICK

The material ranges over the time period of 1989 to 2007.
It fills in the missing link crossover periods left unreleased and overlooked.
The material iz quite unique.
“Sanatorium” iz remixed and edited down to 20 minutes from a video soundtrak ov 1989 that stands on its own.
“Succubi Sister” iz an unreleased track from the “SIAMESE SUCCUBI” sessions, it features
Laura Graff on spoken words (to whom this release iz “in loving memory ov”).
Another “Succubi” track iz “Psychosexual” – left off because Zewizz felt there were already too many instrumentals on “SIAMESE SUCCUBI”.
“No Air No Way” iz featured remixed and unedited, much better than the earlier release.
“Blackmask (Hex 23)” iz a keyboard piece done by Zewizz in 2000, it stands outside the usual SLEEPCHAMBER style and it’s quite eerrie.
“Archangel” iz a track rejected from the movie “The Prophecy” reasons unknown.
Other tracks are from rekordings ov the 2001 era – planned release on Musica Maxima Magnetica Italian label.
All unreleased !

Professional, factory printed, high quality CDr !

1 Succubi Sister 5:03 Vocals - Laura Graff
2 Psychosexual 3:32
3 No Air No Way (Dreams Ov The Resperator) 4:30
4 Caged 4:58
5 Blackmask (Hex 23) 12:37
6 Sanatorium #1 6:46
7 Sanatorium #2 3:47
8 Moons Darker Side 9:03
9 Spellbondage 3:33

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