Small Voices - :The Box:

Various Artists

13 x 7" Vinyl in Plexyglas Box (SVLE-BOX) - SMALL VOICES

Limited Edition 69 copies

This release was planed as a 12x7" Box limited to 150 copies and only the 69 subscribers got the 13th 7" "MB - Jubal's Experiment".
And what we offer is the 13x7" picture disc set in very special silkscreened plexyglas box.

§ Planar Energy
A   Bad Sector     Abscissa    
B   Bad Sector     Ordinate    

§ Solid Blue Silence
C1   Deep Engine - Tantra Of The Subliminal    
C2   Deep Engine - T'mlek!    
D1   Deep Engine - Solid Blue Silence    
D2   Deep Engine - Vanishing Point    

§ Nexus
E   Nightmare Lodge - Nexus    
F   Nightmare Lodge - Unlimited Cut    

§ Done With A Space-Biter
G1   LU - Done With A Space-Biter    
G2   LU - Is It Summer?    
H     LU - Crepuscolo, Crepuscolo, Crepuscolo    

§ Museihushugi
I    Machina Amniotica - Museihushugi    
J   Machina Amniotica - Mutter / Madre    

§ Displaced
K  It - Displaced    
L   It - Mirror    

§ Hello, World!
M   Tin Toy - Hello, World!    
N   Tin Toy - Pulse    
§ Dublay
O  Asaf 288 - Dublay    
P  Asaf 288 - Brain Store    
§ Berliner Messe
Q  Kirlian Camera - Berliner Messe Part 1    
R  Kirlian Camera - Berliner Messe Part 2    
§ Intruder
S1 TH26 - Intruder 1    
S2 TH26 - Intruder 2    
T   TH26 - The Secret Closer    
§ Tagliare
U   Le Forbici Di Manitù     Tagliare (Kraftwired Version)    
V   Le Forbici Di Manitù     Tagliare (Lloyd Dunn Stretch Mix)    

§ Open The Bloodgate / La Notte Di Pan
W  T.A.C. - Open The Bloodgate    
X   T.A.C. - La Notte Di Pan (Mount Lyceum Festival)    
§ Bonus Single / Jubal's Experiment
Y1  Maurizio Bianchi - Untitled    
Y2  Maurizio Bianchi - Untitled    
Z    Maurizio Bianchi - Untitled

This is rare!
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