Something to Drink & Smoke


CD Digipak (SK148) - STEINKLANG

Limited Edition 100 copies

It's almost time to say farewell, but there's always time for one more drink.
Italian neo-cabaret act Division S have been offering us something to drink (and smoke) since the early 2000's (you might know them for their releases out on OLD EUROPA CAFE) but now it's time to say goodbye with "Something To Drink & Smoke", their final album.
Imagine a combination of Leonard Cohen, 60's pop music, sleazy Italian crooners, Nick Cave, David Lynch's surrealism and oddly disjointed, hypnotically repetitive nightclub lounge music, all playing while you're so intoxicated you're starting to go blind, sounds and sights around you becoming a blur.
This is the feverish, oddly enticing world of Division S: decadent, sinful, weird, enticing.
Crooning seductively like a gothic Cohen at one moment, confronting you with absurd soundscapes that make you smile at the next, "Something To Drink & Smoke" is an album of surprises and its own kind of unique, wry charm.
Division S's drunk-dreamy soundscapes will appeal to gothic decadents and avant-garde experimentalists to morally corrupt connoisseurs of fine intoxicants.
Limited edition of 100 hand-numbered copies in a 6-panel digipak.

1   I Was Thinking
2   In Your Mind
3   You Said
4   Long Time
5   Moving
6   The Beach
7   The Judge
8   Every
9   Remember
10   I Can Feel
11   In The Woods
12   Fuck DS
13   Hold Me
14   One Step
15   Last

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