Retours des Tranchees


CD Digipack (TW 1.17) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

"Retours des tranchées" is dealing with a mix of martial pop and neoclassical touches in the vein of Ordo Equitum Solis, with french lyrics.
The main theme of the album is the hard struggle of men and women during the WWI, with no judgement or advice just a tribute to those who gave their life and those who lost a heart.

1  Keep The Home Fires Burning    0:34
2  Ultime Lever De Soleil 7:33
3  Peloton 2:44
4  Au Travers De La Brume    5:59
5  Des Visages Dans La Boue 9:52
6  Honneur À Nos Braves 2:54
7  Des Souvenirs De Poudre 5:04
8  Veuves De Guerre 11:22
9  The Boys Who Won't Come Home 0:53

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