CD Digipack ((No Catalogue Number)) - FALS FLAG

Existing under the radar on the neo-folk scene for the past few years, having played a handful of shows in the US, Denmark and Germany with BLOOD AXIS and CHANGES as well as opening the Flammenzuaber V festival - the long awaited debut album of The Lindbergh Baby has finally arrived.
Recorded in Vermont and mastered at Absinthe Studios by Bob Ferbrache, Hoodwinked offers the listener eight finely crafted songs.
Described as "psychoactive folklore", The Lindbergh Baby's sound explores the frontiers of weird Americana weaving folk, gothic and country threads into a quilt of spirited, rebellious rock-n-roll.
Steeped in tradition and mystery, all those recordings feature Annabel Lee and Michael Moynihan of BLOOD AXIS !
"Act now, think later, or you will die!".
Ccomes in a handsome 6 panel digipak with lyrics and photos.

Track List :
- Othala
- Family Song
- 13 Stars
- Northern Skies
- Fortune
- Cassilda's Song
- Media Boss
- Painted Roses

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