The Sacral Inhabitat

M.B. [Maurizio Bianchi]

CD Digipak (4iB CD/1119/047) - 4iB

Limited Edition 200 copies

The Sacral Inhabitat commemorates Maurizio Bianchi's 40th anniversary as one of the earliest pioneering industrial noise artist who has been producing since the 80's.
To describe the latest album by MB as immersive would not be doing it justice.
Working with his long time collaborator and friend the German sound designer Siegmar Fricke this is a work of profound intensity.

The two thirty minute tracks that make up this album completely overwhelm the senses.
There is a plethora of constantly evolving shapes and sounds that make up this deeply complicated and complex work of audio sculpture.
The use of crackling squalls of razor sharp sound was evident on their last collaboration Zersetzung which was released by 4iB Records last year.
However with the lengthy nature of the two individual tracks on here; that twisting cascade of granular sound has more time to grow and develop.
These dancing particles are so finely honed they could be atomic atoms from the nuclear energy factory that adorns the albums artwork.

1 The Sacral 30:47
2 Inhabitat 30:01

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