Mini CD (Freak-cd-109) - FREAK ANIMAL

For many years, Grunt have published mainly material leaning to power electronics / industrial noise.
There has always been harsh noise element in Grunt. “Kraniometria” is combination of many known elements of Grunt noise: Physicality, analogue rawness, electronic sharpness, yet it is much more than you have formerly heard.
From hours of recordings and experiments over 2018, new tools and methods were applied.
Result is all instrumental, all harsh, most often free flowing fast paced modulations.
It is step to different direction from grinding loops and acoustic metal junks often dominating in the past.
Grunt shows it is still able to renew it’s approach after over 25 years of work.

1 Eschatological Uterus 3:59
2 Sex-Paralys-Appeal 1:49
3 Kraniometria 15:09

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