Animal Liberation - Until Every Cage Is Empty



As a life-long campaigner of animal rights, Masami Akita has delivered a brutal assault on those that cage and murder animals.
'ANIMAL LIBERATION - UNTIL EVERY CAGE IS EMPTY' is 5 tracks (49 mins) of total noise assault that only the King of Japanese Noise can provide.

"There is a theory that Covid-19 broke out from the poor conditioned wet markets where live animals are sold.
If there were no poultry farms, there would be no mass destruction of chickens due to the spread of bird flu.
Human beings' cruelty to animals, animal abuse and species discrimination are all adding up to a disaster for mankind and the whole planet.
The pandemic is an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between animals and humans.
Veganism is the future for humanity"
*** Masami Akita

The artwork is a reflection of the animal rights and anarcho-punk movements of the 80's.
Proceeds from this release will benefit animal rights charities.

Track listing:
1. No Cages Part 1 (9:27)
2. No Cages Part 2 (13:41)
3. No Cages Part 3 (5:51)
4. No Cages Part 4 (14:30)
5. Baby Bird (5:28)

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