Nativity Colostomy (Anus Horriblis)


CD Digipak (TRIBE 006) - TRIBE TAPES

Limited Edition 200 copies

Few copies back on stock!

Reissue into CD of the cassette originally released in 1993 by Old Europa Cafe.
This is true S&Q first era fucked & drunk Noise-Industrial!
No rules: eccentric & vile noise as only S&Q can do.
Finally available again after 2 deacdes.
Limited edition of 200 copies.

1  Another Anatomy 8:19
2  Drinking A Dead Woman's Piss 19:46
3  Babyman's Porkwhite 2:57
4  Poontang Rising 15:55
5  Jiss Christ / Anal Deficit 14:57

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