Land of the Zombies

OVMN [Macronympha side project]

CDr Digipak (None) - MOTHER SAVAGE

OVMN stands for "Optimum Volume Maximum Noise".
OVMN is a MACRONYMPHA side project involving Joe Roemer and Rodger Stella.

Brand new album released on the legendary label Mother Savage Noise Productions own by Joe!
Five brand new tracks on pro pressed CDr, presented in a triple panelled digipak cover.
A dedication to the work of George Romero, blending harsh noise and electronics with zombie gore and splatter.

"Thanks to George Romero for inspiration.
His timeless lessons in human nature & the power of shocking imagery to tell a story and reveal the truth, educate us all."
*** Joe Romer

1 Wake Up Call
2 A Gathering Horder
3 Feeding Frenzy
4 The Slow Pursuit Of Prey
5 Never Enough Blood
6 Destination U.S.A.

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