Radio Free Bothnia


Music Cassette (None) - FREAK ANIMAL

Fierce harsh electronics.
Early unreleased material of Commando 15, a harsh noise blast.
The song submitted to Terässinfonia vol 6 (Freak Animal 2023) went to another direction with weird crackles and harsh sounds.
When advance material of “Radio Free Bothnia” recording ended into ears of Freak Animal, it felt as if there is something new again, that out of several dozen active Finnish noise acts, nobody was really doing.
Noise tends to be often beyond vocabulary, as language of its own, and how to translate this into words?
Odd sliding manual processing, where feedback often is on verge of eruption.
Noise that is restrained.
Often when it seems just about to erupt into full force, Commando 15 pulls it back and makes you wait.
Technological simplicity of offering no “new tech”, just rusty echo box, amplifier feedback, lo-fo clatter and such, yet still standing out as material can’t point finger on other artists working with this approach.

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