Waco Siege Soundtrack


Music Cassette (Kieh! Kieh! #09) - KIEH! KIEH!

During the 51-day siege of the Davidians by the FBI and due to the deadlock in negotiations, the authorities cut power to the cult complex and bombarded them with music to disrupt sleep.
However the Davidians went to the window and responded with their own songs.
Presented on this cassette are those Davidians songs.

A1 War Music
A2 Waiting So Long
A3 Book Of Daniel
A4 Sheshonahim
A5 By The Rivers Of Babylon
A6 Time
A7 I Met A Man
A8 Without Him
A9 Don't You Be A Laocadean
B1 The Lonely Man
B2 Jesus Loves Me
B3 Bookshelf Religion
B4 From The Rising Of The Son
B5 Three Angels Message
B6 Mad Man In Waco
B7 Waiting On You
B8 Adam

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