Court Martial [Second edition]

STALINGRAD [Kirlian Camera]

CD Digipack (TW 1.23) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

Re-edition of the first Stalingrad album previously out on SPKR in 2002.

This is an orchestral side project by Kirlian Camera, an amazing mixture of bombastic pompous orchestration, combining neofolk elements with neoclassical and industrial atmospheres, utilising militant percussion and heavenly voices, though some tracks have a more industrial feel.

1 Neither Honour Nor Glory 3:08
2 Slavonija 8:23
3 I Stood Beside Your Mothers 2:54
4 Snehta 1:08
5 The Road On Which You'll Die / Morriconiana 6:53
6 An Evening By Your Sea 2:22
7 Court-Martial 11:32
8 The Road On Which You'll Die / Reprise 2:46
9 Der Letzte Flug 4:07

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