3xCD + 1xAnti-CD (waystyx 24) - WAYSTIX

Limited Edition 264 copies

Wharehouse founds / Rare old album

Absolutely unique release of early material in hard paper case.
It's strange, but in the noise underground, until now, there are personalities who continue to conduct their musical activities without outside influences, not following any conventional standards and, in this case, preserving freshness and originality of ideas.
The only drawback being that these artists remain little-known, but this doesn't stop them.
Phillip Klingler is one such musician.
For a period of 20 years he has created a noise music that is attractive and beyond fascination.
In that time, a number of albums have been released and many joint projects realized with such well-known musicians as Dirk Serries (Vidna Obmana), Slavek Kwi (Artificial Memory Trace), Asmus Tietchens, Jeph Jerman and Artemiy Artemiev.
But the earliest period of his music is little known.
After releasing a good dozen cassettes on his own label, PBK Recordings, as part of what became known as the cassette underground, Klingler only once attempted to introduce them to a wider audience - in the form of the triple vinyl boxset "Domineer/Asesino/Retro" released in 1990 on RRRecords.
Here now comes the surprising possibility of access to these historical recordings which have been restored and remastered in the best form.
Includes tracks from such cassettes as "The Music Of Her Sleep", "Poetry & Motion" "Thrill Pictures Vol. 1 & 2", "A Noise Supreme", "Narcosis", "Asesino", "Die Brucke" and also unreleased material from the same period (1987-1991).
Three CD's with total duration of more than 200 minutes, plus one anti-CD with credits and other information.
This material is very diverse in form, sometimes calm and hypnotic, sometimes aggressive noise collage and complete models of abstract audio artistry.
The infinite labyrinths of discord and the amorphous sonic sculptures which are turned into the compound circuits of machine improvisation and random processes - all this is capable of turning the heads of the new listener to uncommon musical sensations.

Limited / handnumbered edition of 264 copies - We stock copy #246

§  Traces Of Past Events 1987-1991
1-1 The Music Of Her Sleep 9:51
1-2 Origin Exposed 8:59
1-3 Innocence 3:34
1-4 Thrill Pictures Untitled 3:49
1-5 Narcosis Untitled 3:01
1-6 Thrill Pictures 02 Untitled 5:13
1-7 Narcosis 02 Untitled 9:49
1-8 Thrill Pictures 03 Untitled 4:41
1-9 Thrill Pictures 04 Untitled 8:52
1-10 Impulsion, The Music Of Her Sleep 8:27
1-11 Thrill Pictures 05 Untitled 6:11

§  !Asesino! 1988
2-1 Untitled 7:04
2-2 Untitled 8:34
2-3 Untitled 7:03
2-4 Untitled 7:20
2-5 Untitled 9:06
2-6 Untitled 5:08
2-7 Untitled 8:19

§  Die Brücke 1988
3-1 Mekano 11:19
3-2 Sturm 11:15
3-3 Die Brücke 6:06
3-4 Cannibale 12:30
3-5 Winter Land 11:24
3-6 Geburt 5:45
3-7 Shamanistic 18:24


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