Next Planed at the CAFE

To be released in Autumn / Winter 2020

CONTRASTATE - The Illusion of Power (expanded)  CD Digipak
RICHARD RAMIREZ - Uniform Scene  2xCD Digipak

GRAEME REVELL - The Insect Musicians  CD Digipak

RAISON D’ETRE - Within the Depths of Silence and Phormation (redux)  2xLP Gatefold
RAISON D’ETRE - In Sadness Silence and Solitude (expanded)  2xLP Gatefold

BAD SECTOR – Ampos (expanded)  2xLP Gatefold
ATRAX MORGUE - Paranoia (expanded)  2xLP Gatefold

COIL - A Preason of Measured Time (Black Vinyl / Standard Edition)  LP
ELECTRIC SEWER AGE - Present Coil / Aural Rage  10"