09.11.01: Illuvatar's Children Present Time


Mini 3" CDr in Mini Jewel-Case (Worm XIX) -

Limited Edition 44 copies

Obscure Ukrainian project around OLEGH KOLYADA (the man behind the Ukrainian OLD CAPTAIN label and ODA RELICTA project).
Old Monks Saga had a short life around 1999 and 2002 releasing just a couple of albums of dark dungeon ambient.
Limited edition of 44 copies.

"During the whole history of human civilization, mankind has fought itself because of religion, ideologies or national differences.
This process has been expressed once more in September 11 2001 as an apogeum of the conflict between America and the Muslim world.
We're at a starting for the end of civilization...."
Anno 2001

1.   09.11.01: Illuvatar's Children Present Time 21:00

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