Sales Conditions

1) Enter your order and all your data
2) You will get a mail from us with our offer and directions for payment
3) Proceed balancing due for your order
4) You will get a payment confirmation from our managing system which also confirms that your order went through
5) If you don't get confirmation about your payment please re-contact us as something with your payment might be wrong
6) Once payment confirmed we will ship your order and you will get another e-mail through our managing system confirming shipment

NB: you can visit our headquarters in Pordenone / Italy (close to Venice) by appointment and shop directly here.
Take that chance if you are visiting Venice and/or North-East Italy.

NB: Previo appuntamento si può passare presso nostra sede in Podenone ed acquistare come un tempo, scartabellando fra i dischi.
Cogliete l'occasione di farci visita se siete nel Nord-Est.

§ Prices don't include shipping fees.
Shipping fees will be fixed once we get your order, we will come back with a complete and detailed offer.

§ Payment methods:
- Paypal (plus Paypal fees)
- IBAN wire transfer: only for EU members and for orders over €39,-

§ Minimum Order Value:
Minimum order value is €13,- (at last the standard value for 1 CD)
Minimum items value of your order in case of IBAN wire transfer is €40,- (more or less the value for 3 standard CD's)

§ Payment accepted only in € (Euro) currency.

§ For many different reasons prices are not 100% fix and might change.

§ We might consider to apply discounts on large orders - at last over 300,- euros
§ IMPORTANT: don't expect disounts on: New / Rare / Special and Nice Priced Items.


§ I prezzi non includono spese di spedizione

§ Metodi di pagamento:
- Paypal (più spese Paypal)
- Bonifico Bancario: valido solo per pagamenti superiori a 40,- (più o meno il valore per l'acquisto di 3 CD standard)

§ Ordine minimo:
Il valore minimo di un ordine è di €13,- (ossia il valore standard di un CD standard)
Il valore minimo in caso di pagamento con bonifico IBAN è di €40,- (ossia, il valore medio per 3 CD standard)

§ Su ordini con valore superiore a €300,- possiamo considerare l'applicazione di uno sconto.
§ IMPORTANTE: non aspettatevi sconti su: Articoli Nuovi / Rari / Speciali o articoli già scontati.