Urban Shaman



The French label Toolbox Records has made a good start with the release of the Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra lp Our Tin Tribe and this record by the 202 Project. Just like Forgotten Fish Memory Orchestra, 202 Project makes use of ‘world music’ elements.
This record opens with samples of shaman singing on top of which an electronic drone is placed. The singing disappears and pops up at times, but the pulsating sound keeps going on the whole time. This way 202 Project creates its own original blend of world music.
Urban Shaman consists of eight pieces of this kind of music. On some tracks the electronics are dominant (‘Miss Connexion’) and at others the world music elements (‘Fulani’). The combination of tribal and shaman singing and electronic drones is an original mix, resulting in conjuring music.
Toolbox Records has proven with its first two releases to have a nose for special music projects. The label has thus created high expectations for its future releases.

A1 51 KA550
A2 Miss Connexion
A3 Batiment C
A4 Urban Shaman
B1 Fulani
B2 Electronic Spirit
B3 Is It Clear?
B4 In The Head Of ...

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