Pictures from Eternity


CD Digipack (TW 1.10) - TWILIGHT RECORDS

Second edition on Twilight in a new and limited run of 300 copies coming in a nicely digipack with slightly different artwork.
Re-edition of the album originally released on Discordia in 1996 including 3 exclusive bonus-Tracks.

‘Pictures…’ followed the very ‘difficult’ conceptual album ‘Solaris’, and marked the return of KIRLIAN CAMERA to their earlier, darker, romantic and melodic days.
It’s a definite RETRO album and includes some of the most beautiful tracks, Angelo Bergamini has written in 20 years!
The opening track ‘Ascension’ has become a CLASSIC, but also the highly infective single ‘Your Face in the Sun’, the original version of ‘I am the Light’, the remake of a very early KC-track from 1981 (Meine Nächte sind heiser zerschrien’) and the amazing Kraftwerk-inspired track ‘Haalh’ are real jewels of Angelo’s discography – as well as the orchestral ‘Wasted Bridges’ or the neo-folkish ‘The End of Days’…

This new version comes with new and full colour booklet and runs more than 72 minutes now – in fact it not only contains 3 bonus tracks, but also the ‘Kuolema’ remix of ‘Ascension’ from the original edition has been replaced by a much better sounding version!

1 Tauko A 4:20
2 Ascension 5:23
3 I Am The Light 3:47
4 Nimetön Kirje 1:52
5 Your Face In The Sun 6:37
6 Kaalk 5:26
7 Die Vergessenen 0:44
8 Wasted Bridges 4:02
9 The End Of Day 3:35
10 Along The Avenues Of Hell 5:59
11 Uranium USSR 1972 3:14
12 Meine Nächte Sind Heiser Zerschrien... 5:11
13 Berlin VIII 4:01
14 Ascension - Temple Version 5:50
15 I Am The Light - '97 Mix 5:41
16 Your Face In The Grey Sun 6:46

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