Trephanus Uhr



Re-Release of a Luftwaffe classic album, this is the special collectors edition including :
§ the original CD which this time is comes with reworked artwork as a digipack
§ a CDR including 14 Bonus Tracks
§ 2 cards inserts
§ 1 little sticker

Tracklist :
§ Trephanus Uhr
CD-1 Constance 3:51
CD-2 The 36 Faces Of Adam Qadmon 2:49
CD-3 Solipsistica Nihilisti 3:02
CD-4 Flicker 2:23
CD-5 A Terror Campaign Without Higher Authority 1:41
CD-6 Patterns Of Force 4:24
CD-7 Kronostory 2:51
CD-8 The Dead Do Not Revolt 2:03
CD-9 Correcting The Human Model 1:48
CD-10 Ascension Of Indignation 2:55
CD-11 Nebuchadnezzar Division 2:40
CD-12 The 10th Avatar 3:25
CD-13 The Non Man 2:44
CD-14 The OneSS 3:50
CD-15 Ashes 3:33
CD-16 Fields 2:31
CD-17 Kalki's Army (Live) 4:20

§ Demo Recordings 1998-2002
CDr-1 Atomic Beam Resonance
CDr-2 Patterns Of Force
CDr-3 The Trepan Of The Clock
CDr-4 Solipsist Nation (V1)
CDr-5 Kronostory
CDr-6 The Indictment Of Birth
CDr-7 Feraland
CDr-8 The Dead Do Not Revolt
CDr-9 Correcting The Human Model
CDr-10 Solipsist Nation (V2)
CDr-11 War
CDr-12 Kalki's Army
CDr-13 Humanity The Crime
CDr-14 Ideoscape In Pluroform

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