MERZBOW & M.B. [Maurizio Bianchi]

CD Digipack (OECD 221) - OLD EUROPA CAFE


  • Am Symphony
  • Ga Noise

Third collaborative album by the Japanese and Italian grand-masters of Industrial and Noise.
This time all tracks are collaborations by the two artists.
Only analogue sounds used, a true return to the old roots of Industrial music.
Maurizio Bianchi: electrodrones and analogic waves.
Masami Akita: Noise Electronics.

Digipack with a great and futuristic space-design and a psychedelic touch made by Tex Tescari using images supplied by MB.

1 Am Symphony
2 Al Modulation
3 Ga Noise
4 Me Wave
5 Lo Frequency
6 Dy Sound

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