CD Jewel Box (Y06) - AMPLEXUS

Baghiri has always been a self-admitted Steve Roach emulator, but on Time he breaks free with fresh ideas.
Gradually drifts from light sequencer pieces to quieter, ambient sound-worlds.
Darkly mysterious vapors, textural activities and throbbing tribal drums which thunder through the organic mistiness.
Low breezes bring distant percussion closer, like approaching thunder.
A mixture of Roach/Obmana tribalisms and gorgeous shapelessness.

Tracklist :
01. Timearrow 11:14
02. Black Hole 8:26
03. Expanding Rooms 9:15
04. Killing Time (Psalm 90) 8:27
05. Memory Of Lost Dimension 10:12
06. Everything You See Is Already Past 17:14
07. Galileos Dream 9:21

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