A Collection of Trails


CD-R Jewel Box (XXX 64) - INNER-X-MUSICK

Dark, violent, atmospheric, Batcheeba's music is a one way ticket into her head.
Batcheeba manipulates sounds and objects around her, and feeds them into what ever program willing to accept them.
Her voice, pure or manipulated, plays a big part in the violent, but fragile soundscapes. There iz a witch inside, find out how it got there!

Pro-printed CDr

1 Those Without Skin 6:41
2 Infection Loves The Child 4:57
3 Pretty Dead 4:51
4 Dustsong 3:54
5 Witch 6:32
6 Car Crash 6:11
7 Spiderfly 5:08
8 Pretty Dead 5:31
9 Blood Red And Safe (Clot) 3:13

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