Psyche No-Mine


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Bisclavert is a new Polish dark ambient duo .
It took two years for have that album record, the end result is in 6 songs of lush strings, industrial rhythms and even noise tunes mixed up to background voice coming from the other, subconscious side of mind.
All the lyrics deal with human sub consciousness.
The words on 'Psyche noMine' shows a man entangled in the arcane of the world, somebody who does not notice phenomena around him.
The man whose recklessness or even arrogancem is so natural for him and becomes the cause for him being lost in the surrounding reality.
A must-have album for fans of Nordvargr, Dead Man's Hill and Cold Meat Industry acts, such as In Slaughter Natives & Sanctum.

Tracklist :
1 Ritual Of The All Embracing Madness 6:47
2 Strange Way To Paradise (Ritual Part II) 10:43
3 Dead For This World 7:11
4 Voices From Another State Of....Mind, Heart And Body 15:43
5 Akeldama XIV Lyrics By A. Crowley 5:47
6 Insane In God 6:29

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