Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter


CD Jewel Box (Front 026) - THE EASTERN FRONT

This album was inspired by the spirit and history of the legendarian Austro-Hungarian empire.
Stephan Rukavina transposed this inspiration into martial percussion, refined piano parts, industrial drones and loads of samplings.
However this album brings also some little suprises like trip-hop or tribal rythmic showing up in a couple of tracks.
While some typical german spoken samplings add an extra hard touch to some compositions.
Again a fascinating release.

1 Dio Ci Liberi Degli Irredenti 5:25
2 In Vollster Eintracht 6:17
3 Why Don't You Wake Up 6:32
4 Indivisibiliter Ac Inseparabiliter 5:00
5 Ehe Noch Die Blätter Fallen 6:26
6 Ungarische Erde 3:42
7 As Time Has Passed 6:41
8 March Of The Innocents 5:02
9 Isonzo 4:49
10 Slavni Bane 6:31
11 Sarajevo 3:25
12 Trialism 3:39
13 The War To End All Wars 3:13
14 Carrion Kite 5:19
15 Viribus Unitis 3:00

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