Bruises and Bites



Limited Edition 43 copies


  • Bruises and Bites
  • Carnal Supremacy

First collaboration between the obscure and historical London based project ANTIchildLEAGUE / Gaya Donadio (Gaya is also the mind behind the “Hagshadow” label and the London “Hinoeuma the Malediction” Industrial venue) and the Italian P/E combo CRONACA NERA (involving Adrieno Vincenti of MACELLERIA MOBILE DI MEZZANOTTE / Giovanni Mori of LE COSE BIANCHE / Andrea Chiaravalli of IUGULA-THOR).
For this release the two projects explore with sadistic pleasure some specific themes devoted to the connections between VIOLENCE and PLEASURE.
BRUISES AND BITES contains only unreleased tracks.
Gaya was writing all texts and performs all vocals.

Let me Cum into your Wounds
and I try to tell you
to shut
try to die 
to die 
try try try
to die
to die
to die
i love it
i love my wounds
to die
and I try to tell you
to try 
i try
to die
you can try and finding your wounds
a closure and pleasure
closure pleasure

This album will be released in 2 very limited editions on tape and pro-printed CDr.
Tape edition by the Italian label Nil by Mouth.
The CDr, limited to only 43 numbered copies, also includes an exclusive track “HELGA” composed and performed only by Gaya and Adriano, HELGA is also the very first track by a new specific project by those two sick minds.
HELGA is Total Uniform Power Electronics.

1. Bruises and Bites
2. Calvarium (Paranoa Version / exclusive track different from MC relase)
3. Carnal Supremacy
4. Cum in to my wounds
5. Hate e Prevaricate
6. Total Submission
7. Helga


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