Capra Hircus



TenHornedBeast is the apocalyptically-themed solo project of Christopher Walton / One half of "Endvra".

The wild goats (Capra Hircus) of the Cheviot hills have lived there for millennia and are the Avatars of the wild places.
If there is a heathenry left on this island, it is to be found the places where the wild goats gather, in the secret valleys and alongside nameless burns.
They are the Children of Pan in an Arcadia that straddles both the imagination and the real world.

This is TenHornedBeast intentionally moving in a different direction from the cryptic doom-ambient of 2022's "The Lamp Of No Light".
"Capra Hircus" is full of the glowing sunrise of hill-top psychedelia and shimmering, spiralling drones that mimic the abstract lines of the rock-art panels that mark the landscape.
The music flows outwards and immerses the listener in looping, hypnotic waves of feedback.

I dream in landscapes and this is very much an "outdoor" album.
When I was recording these pieces I was hoping to capture the openness and sense of wonder that I get from the high places.
I've walked these hills for many years, where earth and sky meet and I was searching for a new way to be TenHornedBeast, although it's very much the same ideas that inspired me twenty years ago – just seen in colour.
*** Christopher Walton

Six panel Digipak with photographs taken by Christopher Walton on the High Places of Pennine Horeb.

1. The Hallowing Of The North (16:24)
2. Cup & Ring (6:02)
3. How Pan Healed The Christ (21:26)
4. One More Leaf (5:37)
5. The Hearts Of All Men Dwell In The Same Wilderness (14:08)

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