Cheerleader (Picture Disc)


LP Picture Disc (SK164) - STEINKLANG

Limited Edition 250 copies

Here comes the PICTURE-DISC version of the "Cheerleader" cassette album released by Deathbed Tapes in 2022.
Limited edition of 250 copies.
180gr vinyl, printed sleeve and hand-numbered sticker on plastic sleeve.
Co-released with DEATHBED Tapes.

Underneath all the grind and churn of Cheerleader there is an undercurrent of exuberance, a mania like a hyperactive child in a new play space, picking up a toy and running wild with it for a few minutes before abruptly discarding it and moving on to the next one.
Konagaya allows for little development throughout each individual track, the bulk of the song is often represented by a single rhythmic noise loop running itself out while Konagaya snarls indecipherable babble through a wall of distortion.
Once his little blaring groove and manic howl have continued to his satisfaction, the track just sort of ends, often abruptly as Konagaya jumps to the next one.
It’s a setup that’s formulaic and deceptively simple, though hardly rote, given the absolute extremity of sonic experience being offered and it works, on an immediate, primal level.
Like Folk Music, this total primitivity of structure reduces each noise loop to a rhythmic groove, but here, the heightened rhythmic focus makes the whole thing digestible despite the blasts of atonality that are its individual elements.

A1  Mad Beach
A2  Rodeo
A3  Nixon
A4  Cheerleader
B1  Hitchhiker
B2  Hot Rod
B3  Candlelight
B4  Henry's Song

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