Cut UP. Deconstructing W.S. Burroughs

Various Artists


Limited Edition 200 copies

Burroughs took his Cut Up technique to the extreme, making it very popular and influencing every artistic realm, particularly the field of rock and experimental music.
The list of his disciples in the musical domain is extensive, including names like David Bowie, Patti Smith, Frank Zappa, Sonic Youth, Bob Dylan, and Throbbing Gristle, to name just a few.
The devotion to the legendary wroter and to his very special technique that the homage by the musicians involved in the project is born, paying tribute to the great American writer.

Includes exclusive tracks by: Adi Newton (Clock DVA) / Sigillum S / David Lee Myers (Arcane Device) / Rapoon / PBK....

1  Sigillum S – Radioactive Cockroaches In Tangiers 4:48
2  Dead Voices On Air – I Wonder Whatever Happened To Ottos Boy Who Played The Violin 4:41
3  Adi Newton – The Chance Of A Ghost 5:02
4  Rapoon – Out 3:56
5  PBK – The Dreaming 4:57
6  400 Lonely Things – The Stale Ania (Thief Of Dreams) 6:15
7  Paolo Bandera – Linguistica Virale Multipla - Ruptured Words Version 5:59
8  Allan Segall – The Cities Of The Red Night 3:09
9  David Lee Myers – Riding The Rails 4:27
10  P.U.M.A. – Rain 5:36
11  Mario Lino Stancati – Chaos Magic 5:06
12  phoanøgramma / The Washing Planck – Your Consciousness Is Being Cut By Random Factors 5:36
13  Nihil Impvlse – Mythologies For The Age Of Control 4:19

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