Deathward, To The Womb



Trepaneringsritualen's long out of print debut release: "Deathward, To The Womb" finally sees a proper reissue
An invocation not so much of BABALON Herself, but of the tormented elemental of Frater T.O.P.A.N., and his fervent attempts to usher in the Æon of Horus.
In the lyrics - based on the texts of Frater T.O.P.A.N. on the Babalon Working - the perilous flame that is BABLON is called upon to ravage creation.
She is asked to scorch the earth clean for the coming cosmic renovation.
The Eternal Virgin would spring from Her womb.
From Her love, the new divine man would be born.
70 years after the Bablon Working was deemed successfully concluded, its utter failure is painfully apparent.

»All love songs are of me« She says.
This is certainly true of the first five songs of Deathward, To The Womb.
The final songs, All Hail The Black Flame, seem different altogether.
In this guise, BABALON brings not solely love, but cataclysm; a holocaust brought upon the domain of Man.
Manifested as the Black Flame, She reaches from a time before time, formless chaos, and rips apart the very fabric of the created worlds.
Such is Her nature: two opposing principles; that of the nurturing mother, and that of the callous destroyer.
“She is flame of life, power of darkness - She destroys with a glance - She may take thy soul. She feeds upon the death of men.”

Appended to the six original songs is a specially commissioned 12 minutes and 57 seconds long ritual work entitled “I Remember When I Was God”, and attributed to Teeraal Räum Pheynix.
BABALON was summoned at Winter Solstice 2015 under the sign of ?, with assistance from Alone In The Hollow Garden, A.I.L of Arktau Eos, Michael Idehall, KzR of Bölzer, Nÿland ii of Hadewych, and Æther.
To destroy and to give life.
We declare this ritual concluded and successful.

f × n × h - × | ×

1. The Birth Of Babalon
2. Deathward, To The Womb
3. Osiris, Slain & Risen
4. She Is Flame Of Life
5. Sacrament & Crucifixion
6. All Hail The Black Flame
19. I Remember When I Was God

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