Dismal Fantasies



ARUM LILIES is Mark Groves's (Australian artist) Noise Power-Electronics solo project.
And "Dismal Fantasies" is his debut album under this moniker.
The new P/E sounds coming from the southern emisphere.

"Dismal Fantasies was recorded in the heat of Melbourne’s summer.
Clammy evenings spent manipulating a dusty Tascam 424 MKII while drinking cheap white wine and beer in front of a fan that may be audible in quieter passages.
An attempt to progress an earlier line, Arum Lilies takes processes and themes established when working on the Von Einem recordings, and repositions them.
Source matter has been drawn from a wider geographic range, and the tone more intimate."
- Mark Groves -

1 The Maniac 5:20
2 Erasing The Line 2:25
3 Venal Dogs 7:10
4 Prostituting Their Ambitions 5:07
5 Dedication And Strict Dieting 3:46
6 Doubled 6:57
7 Managed Decline 7:13

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