Silent Prayers


CD Digibook (ark 013) - ARK RECORDS

First solo album of talented Neapolitan violinist edo Notarloberti (ARGINE, ASHRAM).
Melancholy and romanticism, silent prayers and moments of high lyricism.
A dreamy piano embroider textures of pure passion with the violin that draws wounds that will remain imprinted in the heart and in the spirit forever, ethereal voices arrange a mosaic of rare beauty.
Chamber music and songs that win at the first listening.

Tracklist :
1 The First Was A Death Woman 3:20
2 Silent Prayer 4:36
3 Marianna Y La Melancholia 3:18
4 Preludio On My Skin 4:38
5 The Glass Man 2:15
6 Let It Be Except For Love 3:22
7 Dark Tango 3:02
8 Mon Rêve Le 31 Mars 3:12
9 L’Extravagance 4:09

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