Ein Dokument - Music Of Die Ind.

Various Artists

LP (OoD 019) -

The Music on "Ein Dokument - of Die Ind." is a a selection of compositions, songs, fragments, improvisations, etc., which have appeared on the two cassette compilation series "Tape Report" and "Fadi Linz Sampler".
between Industrial & Avangarde.

A1 Josef K. Noyce - O' Hamlet! Thou Hast Cleft My Heart In Twain / The Beat Act / Wild Thing 9:10
A2 Capers - Jordan 3:20
A3 Stadtwerkstattmusik - O.T. 2:30
A4 Soun 'N' Dso - Heavy Mädl 5:40
A5 Monochrome Bleu Destroyed Opera 2:30
A6 Zsa Zsa Voices 4:25
B1 Monochrome Bleu - Taucher / False Christs, False Prophets 4:40
B2 Goodheart Wagner - I Guess A Warriors Bomb / Sola Telo / Mingus N' Spiders / Tuner Swell / Why Do You Stop Me 5:57
B3 Lila Vila - Dreams 2:30
B4 Soun 'N' Dso - Paula Cooper 1:35
B5 Peter Androsch - Bumerang 2:30
B6 Dr. W.H. Band - "Exerpt" Max - Extramax 0:30

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