CD + DVD Digibook (IF-51) - INFINITE FOG

Limited Edition 380 copies

Special edition A5 Digibook with exclusive DVD offering 2 hours of exclusive and rare live shootings taken from 1991 to 2014 all over the world.

"Remember the wisdom out of the old days,
they know undying things
and nothing troubles the great streams
and gleams from the holy orchards,
where there is none
but fruit that is of precious stone,
or apples of the sun and moon.
they know undying things,
for this I have sailed the seas..."

ENA (one = unity in Greek) is our musical contribution to overcome duality, conflicts and separation trying to go towards a resonant, open-hearted attitude.
What we seed in our life, in others’ lives, on the earth is what we receive.
We are One, separation causes blindness and destruction. WE ARE ONE, WE ALL ARE CONNECTED.
Vibration is the very first act of creation, Music has the duty and the right to work on connection being such a suitable and direct channel to express harmony.

If our life is meant to be a spiritual growing and not just a materialistic experience, all the domains where spirituality is expressed can become a source of enlightenment.
Here is our naked soul alone in “her” voyage.
To us, Music is diffusing a spiritual knowledge that’s not linked to a dominating specific religion but to the harmony of the cosmic forces.
The aim is to reach again the primeval plenitude, calmness and inner light, being a part of the whole.
The magic word resounds before being pronounced.
Knowledge and Experience happen at the same time and all of this is a sacred announcement, a message that doesn’t need rationality to be caught.
It is a sort of spiritual call coming from the depths.
Memory and singing are linked, they enable a deeper subtle “sight”.
The ancient wisdom was based on letting go, forgetting ourselves, our ego and masks in order to feel and live “the moment”.
A deeply felt thank for all what we have received from Greek philosophy, poetry and mysticism.
Without this inspiration we wouldn’t be here to do what we do.

CD Tracklist:
1  Ena    
2  Roi Richart    
3  Agnus Dei    
4  La’awiyah    
5  Magnificat    
6  Where The Sea Turns Into Gold    
7  The Bleeding Trunk    
8  Le nozze di Yis

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