Akustisk Boldpest


LP (Ufomongo 013) - UFOMONGO


  • Katakomb Krieg

A new breath from one of the oldest experimental electronic bands from Sweden.
This project was intitially involving :
Roger Karmanik (Brighter Death Now), Conny Nimmersjö, and Uddah-Buddah !
There is a lot to write for the ones that do not know them but we´ll stay to the sound of this LP, this is wrong & wicked .
Processed lyrics on swedish , overloaded sounds comes to chock you while you are listening to the wicked beats.
There is a lot of sampled sounds and rythms but used in strange way.
This is the doomsday-party!

Tracklist :
A1 Amputera Mera 4:26
A2 Grymma Pilgrimmer 4:57
A3 Tallium Tabernakel 4:56
A4 Katakomb Krig 4:53
B1 Akustisk Böldpest 5:21
B2 Tortyr Är Frihet 5:49
B3 Medeltidens Kant 5:19
B4 Nesliga Naren 5:59

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