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CD-R Folder (UFA 39) - UFA MUZAK

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Nordic Ambient.
An icy, isolated and empty horizon.
No manifestation of life, infinite and reachless.
An illusion, like a drawing on a glass.
Spheric sound preserved in a glacier, a runic prayer in front of the horizon.
Leviathan continues his way among the dark cold of depth, everything is silent and watching his movements.
ERDLICHT is a German project featuring great nordic ambient.
Dark ambient with martial elements dedicated to Miguel Serrano.

Tracklist :
1 Mittnachtsros´ II 5:33
2 Mittnachtsros´ I 8:15
3 Ertstes Licht 10:15
4 Die Wilde Jagd 7:53
5 Morgeröthe I 5:19
6 Morgeröthe II 11:08
7 Morgerothe III 4:00
8 Abendroth I 10:35
9 Abendroth II 6:28
10 Abendroth III 3:54
11 Abendroth IV 4:54

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