Eternal Paralysis / Peony Crackers


3xCD Digifile (OECD 342) - OLD EUROPA CAFE

Limited Edition 300 copies

Forseen to be released around June 2024
Pre-Order Price & more infos will come in due time!

ETERNAL PARALYSIS and PEONY CRACKERS was the first two tape albums by INCAPACITANTS released back in 1981 and 1983 by Toshiji Mikawa alone (in the beginning INCAPACITANTS was a solo project) on his own label PARIAH TAPES.
Two cult and very rare tapes finally made available again, 40 years after their first release.

Original tapes has been digitally transferred from the original tapes by din-i-ilahi (advaita records) and was completely re-mastered for best experience on CD format by Mr. Mikawa.

Pioneer Japanese-Noise recordings made with:
Handmade sound generator named “The MIKAWA”, guitar, rhythm-box, firecrackers, trash can, and many other noise generators...
Best Japanese Psychedelic-Noise from the golden age that will drill your nervous system & crack your brain.


"At the time I recorded this, all the attention was focused on the extreme stage performance by HIJOKAIDAN.
I was not satisfied with that.
I wanted to focus more on the noise itself and so Eternal Paralysis took form and come out."
*** Toshiji Mikawa

"some of the sound sources on this album were recorded in my room in the bachelor dormitory at work, during a free day, using the sound of firecrackers (Peony Crackers) bursting in a trash can.
At that time, I was scolded terribly by the dormitory manager.
Album title was a reference to this episode."
*** Toshiji Mikawa

1.  Eternal Paralysis Pt. 1
2.  Eternal Paralysis Pt. 2

3.  Eternal Paralysis Pt. 3

1.   Peony Crackers Pt. 1
2.   Peony Crackers Pt. 2
3.   Peony Crackers Pt. 3
4.   Peony Crackers Pt. 4
5.   Peony Crackers Pt. 5
6.   Peony Crackers Pt. 6
7.   Peony Crackers Pt. 7
8.   Peony Crackers Pt. 8

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