Arme de Vengeance / Vergeltungswaffe

EUROPAPLAN [Nocturne + Axon Neuron/Vagwa]

CD in 7" cover (ABCD 003) - ACHTUNG BABY!

Europaplan is a joint project by well-known French group NOCTURNE and German total sound ideologists AXON NEURON/VAGWA, who have been working long time in the vein of power-electro experiences and archivedocumentation of WWII.
The central theme of their new research is a history of creation of the one of the most legendary German military rockets – ‘a weapon of revenge’ A4/V2 (Von Braun/Dornberger konzeption).
Both musicians represented here a quite exciting monumental document: uncompromising bubbling “military” industrial and abrasive power-electro sounds, obscure war noise outfit, deep rumbling from hell, its sound like a true chronic documentary soundtrack with big amounts of sampled voices in German languege coming from the wartime ...
You will live an experience such as beeing in the German Peenemunde island, October 1942 when the first A4 rocket (V2) was created.
This is war !

1 Wilkommen In Peenemünde! (24:07)
2 Wanderwaffe (20:27)
3 Mittelwerk (7:58)

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