Father of Victory



This is best Folk / Vikinig Metal !

The history of this group begun in February 2004 with the idea of create a project to unite one unique flag musicians from different countries involved in neo-folk and pagan metal ....
The 1st of December 2004 the first album “A Nordic Poem” was released .

Later on the number of members of the band greatly increased up to 31 musicians from 8 different countries and the second album "By the Sword of my Father” was recorded.
The second album was released on the 1st of August 2006 .

Less than a year later, on the 28th of May 2007, the third part of that saga «Drakkars in the Mist» was ready

On the 21th of January 2008 the fourth part “Father Of Victory” was issued by Stygian Crypt productions.
Includes 12 tracks of folk viking metal performed by 20 musicians from 7 countries (England, France, Greece, Lithuania, Italy, Wales and USA). Members of such bands as Dol Amroth, Death Army, The Soil Bleeds Black, Moonrot, Peordh, Oakhelm, Annwn, Frekkr took part in the recording.

Track list:
1. The Forlorn Knight
2. The Purest Breed
3. Sleipnir
4. What Glory Remains
5. Dawn in Tir Na N' Og
6. The Will Of Odin
7. Father Of Victory
8. Charles Martel
9. Wallachian Warlord
10. The Iron Wolf
11. Heroes In The Sky
12. Carmina Bellica

Line up:
Marios Koutsoukos (Greece) – lyrics, spoken vocals
Hildr Valkyrie (Greece) – music, vocals, keyboards, drum programming
Pete Jay (USA) – vocals, bass
Elias Bloch (USA) – drums
Juliet (France) - cello
Owain ap Arawn (Wales) – music, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, bass, drum programming, keyboards
Yohann Clement (Fra) - drums
Mickael(Loki) Jenft (France) – music, guitars, vocals, keyboards
Ruslanas (Lithuania) – music, tin whistle
Christina Katsamatsa (Greece) – vocals
Polydeykis (Greece) – music, accordion, 12-strings acoustic guitar, soprano recorder, guitars
Shea Martinsson(USA) – music, irish flute, tin whistle
Mark Riddick(USA) – music, guitar, alto recorder, soprano recorder, small pipes, drums
Elio D’Alessandro (Italy) - vocals
Dreogan (USA) – music, guitars, bass
Fearann (France) – gaita, small pipes
Anna Shannon (England) – violin, flute, whistle
Becky (Italy) – celtic harp
Fra (Italy) - violin
Fabio (Italy) - flute

«A Nordic Poem» (2004) Stygian Crypt prods.
«By the Sword of My Father» (2006) Stygian Crypt prods.
«Drakkars in the Mist» (2007) Stygian Crypt prods.
“Father Of Victory” (2008) Stygian Crypt prods.

Sound samples:

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