The Culturecide Campaigns - [Archive Series 5]

FOLKSTORM (Nordvargr / Mz.412)



  • Discipline and strength
  • Pestilence (Act 1 and 2)

The series of the «Folkstorm» monster continues !
The Culturecide Campaigns was released in 2000, only available for one month through, during which time only 39 copies were sold.
These more than ten years old recordings has now finally been restored, redesigned and remastered and features two bonus tracks.
This album was recorded back to back with "Victory or death" and carries the same menacing feeling, but with a bit more structure and empahsis on pounding rythmic industrial noise.
The Culturecide Campaigns was Folkstorms first attempt at infiltrating mainstream culture and also infiltrating the new and upcoming filesharing culture.
Besides releasing this album only online it was also spread in secret over the Napster filesharing website.
Mainstream "top ten album" downloads were manipulated and tracks were exchanged. That means that possibly thousands of people that were expecting to listen to Madonna or U2 ended up listening to this.
So maybe this oscure gem actually has been more played than all of the Folkstorm albums, albeit in secrecy to an unaware audience?
If you want rough old-school industrial this is what you need !
The campaign continues...

Recorded 1999 - 2000 by Henrik Nordvargr Björkk
Except 08 - 09 recorded 2001

Tracklist :
01 Discipline and strength
02 Clone this
03 These are the days
04 Child of decay
05 The hour of liberation
06 Campaign 2: Noisemaker
07 Kapnoiseology
08 Pestilence (Act 1 and 2)
09 Metalstorm


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